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The X Files Rewatch

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The Great XFiles Rewatch. Commited to rewatching XFiles from start to finish.
Welcome to The X Files Rewatch.

The aim of this community is to watch The X Files from start to finish in a marathon of an episode every second day.

So why are doing this? Well, really, for no other reason than _folieadeux and myself southoffebruary have wanted to watch The X Files from the beginning “with” someone. Or many likeminded people who can discuss and share the greatness of The X Files. And also, because its fun.

New and old fans are welcome to join this little community at any time, partake in discussions and spread the word to other people who might not know about this community or the X Files.

Please be aware that episode discussions may contain spoilers. Since this is a rewatch, most people in our community have seen The X Files at least once. However, we will not permit any spoilers about the upcoming X Files movie.

The X Files Rewatch commences on October 1st so get those DVDs ready – I hope many of you will participate. Our aim is to watch a set number of episodes each week starting with the Pilot.

Episode discussion posts will be made by a mod as per the schedule which can be found in the community. The schedule may be subject to change.

Please note that members do not have posting access, episodes can be discussed in the relevant episode post so as to keep the community from spamming members friends list, and to keep the episode discussions together and easy to locate.

The format of this community is based upon that of fs_rewatch both communities have been inspired by the great work at jossathon a fantastic Buffy/Angel/Firefly marathon community.



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