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Amy [userpic]
9x16 Release
by Amy (_folieadeux)
at November 15th, 2008 (10:54 pm)

Just a quick note: Since I'm back in Canada now, I'm going to use my old posting time which was 6pm EST, aka. the same time Kate usually posts hers as well. The post still showing the wrong timezone though, I don't know why.


When an FBI cadet with amazing profiling skills approaches Doggett, Reyes and Scully with a lead on a suspect in a series of recent murders, he claims the same killer is responsible for the death of Doggett's son. The agents find themselves wondering if his knowledge of the deaths is because of his obsession with the cases he has studied at Quantico or if he is in some way involved in the murders.

Writer: John Shiban, David Amann
Director: Kim Manners
Originally aired: May 5, 2002


Regali: Well, well. It's the FBI agent.
Doggett: I'm not here as an FBI agent. I'm here as a father.
Regali: Whoaa. What could that mean?
Doggett: I want to know what happened to my son.
Regali: I don't know who killed your son. But I like you, FBI. I really do. I'll tell you how it could have happened, hypothetically.
Regali: Say there was this guy ... a businessman. And say this businessman - in the course of doing business - has to associate with any number of thugs, sickos, perverts. Like Bob Harvey, for example. And say this Bob Harvey likes little boys. Yeah. Disgusting. Say one day, Bob Harvey sees a little boy riding a bike, and he can't stand it. He grabs the boy. So, Harvey takes the boy back to his place only he doesn't tell the businessman what he's doing. So, the businessman walks in on him. You see what I'm saying, FBI? The boy sees the businessman's face. The businessman who never did nothing to this little boy. That's a problem. Well, every problem has got a solution, right?

Barbara Doggett: (To Scully about Doggett) He and Monica could have something... He just won't let anyone in...


Episodes online and here and here
Episode transcript
Episodic Fanfic
Jessica's TWoP Review

Mods thoughts and discussion attempts

Ok first off, the main thing I remember about this episode was the music. I'm a huge huge fan of piano and the take on classical stuff here was quite nice, I thought. I particularly love it (and the camera work) in the scene with the photographs on the wall, as seen in my episode header image.

So it's more on Doggett as we head on out to the end of the series forever. Forever. The end. This episode is sad as we go more into Luke Doggett's death and finding a suspect and all that. It's actually interesting for me as someone who's liked Doggett a little more as time goes on, so this episode is more interesting as well.

[tangent]Scully seems fairly calm for GIVING HER CHILD AWAY LAST EPISODE. Fine, fine, the eps are out of order as this is 9x16 and William was 9x17 but whatever. Still. Hello continuity. Especially as it is an episode about a son who is gone forever! C'mon 1013! I shouldn't care right? This was so long ago now and it's near the end of the series but I. Can't. Let. Go. These last few episodes would be like prime opportunity for Scully Grief as it's still fresh for her and they could at least briefly touch on it, but instead they have her traipsing about in frikkin Brady Bunch houses and $hit SPOILERS. It's bizarre. [/tangent]

Er, so anyway. There's all this stuff about the Cadet (with the really annoying lips) knowing stuff on the case and then Regali is murdered by Follmer in the end. Oh dear me, Follmer! And Doggett and his ex have a nice moment of "release" on the beach.


Oh not like THAT you pervs. You know what I mean.

To end,

Chris Carter: Hey! That kid who works here is going to be that crazy guy in that one about Mulder's son.
Kim Manners: What?
Frank Spotnitz: Doggett's son.
Chris Carter: Who's Doggett?
Frank Spotnitz: The NEW GUY!
Kim Manners: [expletives deleted]
Frank Spotnitz: Kim, what Chris means is that our writing intern is playing the role of Cadet Hayes in the episode about Doggett's son.
Kim Manners: The kid with the weird fucking lips?! I'd like to kick him in the ass!
Frank Spotnitz: Couldn't the lip thing be part of his character?
Kim Manners: [grumbles]
Chris Carter: Look! Shiny!

Ahhh it accentuates SO MUCH about how I think their mannerisms are in real life.

From Chrisnu.com

Things We Learned 101

This episode marks the final appearance of Cary Elwes as A.D. Brad Follmer. Presumably, after he killed Regali at the climax, the video tape depicting his accepting a bribe landed at the Washington Post, resulting in Follmer's dismissal from the FBI, and possibly even being sent to prison on charges of taking bribes and murder.

The actor who portrays Cadet Hayes was actually a writing intern on the show.

The woman playing Agent Doggett's wife in this episode is Robert Patrick's real wife, Barbara Patrick.


Posted by: southoffebruary (southoffebruary)
Posted at: November 15th, 2008 11:15 pm (UTC)

I dont really remember this one. I think I liked it somewhat. I think it was Doggett who was the stand out - give that it was about his kid, but you know.

Interesting fact in the extras section about what happened to Follmer. Does anyone know if thats supposed to be what happened? Why did I always think he was in The Truth? lol.

Posted by: meghan (meghan70)
Posted at: November 15th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
goodcop insanecop

the episode numbers on this show are crazy. i tend to watch them in order rather than how they aired on tv and it makes me less likely to throw things.

it's very upsetting that we don't get to see the fallout after William. avoiding the scully plot (which i rarely do), this is a really good doggett episode. i just wish it had aired sooner in the season.

Posted by: Firework Rocket (book232)
Posted at: November 16th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)
XF - doggett

I really love this one, maybe even my favourite in s9. The music is just gorgeous, among Mark Snow's finest work, I think. The whole episode is really beautifully shot, the atmosphere throughout the ep is very tense and sad, and Robert Patrick once again does a fantastic job here. I also like the guy who plays Cadet Hayes, he's so creepy.

Yeah, it doesn't happen often that I love an episode so much despite the lack of Scully, or although the timeline is screwed up. But this one is pretty awesome.

Posted by: MadShrubbery® (madshrubbery)
Posted at: November 16th, 2008 02:07 am (UTC)
X-Files: All Things

I agree, this was one of the good ones in Season 9. For some reason, the cadet's plotline seems very similar, but I can't remember if I read it in a book or saw it on another tv show. (This was the first time I saw the episode, so no, it's not just me remembering the episode! lol) At any rate, it was really great to see Doggett so humanized.

Posted by: Mango (mangomandie)
Posted at: November 16th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
scully I know right? - guilty_icons

This is one of my favs from S9. Love the score so much!! I feel really bad for poor Luke Doggett :( The end scene always has me bawling... After Jump the Shark, William and then this ep... it's always such a shock that Sunshine Days is the next (and 2nd last ep ever :P). Makes me want to puke.


Posted by: Erica (erries)
Posted at: November 16th, 2008 06:24 am (UTC)
xf | ms serious

The score for this episode was gorgeous. Any idea where I could possibly find the piano sheet music for it? Even if it's just transcribed by a fan or something? I would love to learn to play it.

I'm glad they dedicated an episode to solving the case of Doggett's son's murder. It must've been weird for Robert Patrick and his real wife to play ex-husband and wife, though. And I had completely forgotten that Brad Follmer was involved in this at all, so that was a surprise this time around. The end was really sad, when they scattered Luke's ashes into the ocean. :(

I liked seeing Scully as a teacher and seeing the cadets working in the training field and all that, but that black guy bugged me. I watched carefully and figured it out: It's something about the way he moves his mouth. It's like he purposely clamps his lips completely shut after every sentence, and it drives me crazy. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The only time in the whole episode that he stopped doing that was when he took Doggett to his apartment and tried to explain about how the pictures speak to him - during that scene, he left his lips slightly parted in between lines, like any other actor. But in every scene before and after that, he did that weird closing-his-mouth thing, and it was incredibly distracting. I don't know, lol.

Anyway, the music was great, and it was nice to see Doggett get some closure about his son.

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